Sunday, 22 July 2012


Hello! I am sitting here beneath a beautiful sunset after a day of cloudless sky in Cornwall! My skin has that wonderful taught feeling of being in the sun all day...and it is so overdue for everyone down here..we all needed that today after all the rain we seem to have had this July.

This painting is a little taster of a new project I have started...just for me.
Since graduating from art college what seems like years and years ago, I have mainly juggled day jobs with commercial illustration jobs in the hope that I could one day illustrate full time. It has felt a very slow process and I am finally beginning to work out why I haven't quite 'made it'

Most of the work I complete I don't connect with on any is just like painting by numbers...drawing whatever is required and filling in the gaps. I don't often find myself getting lost in my work anymore...when the hours and hours pass and you suddenly 'wake up' and realise the light has faded and you haven't had a cup of tea for over four hours...eeek!

I am trying to once again recapture that. I have conditioned myself into thinking if I work hard on commercial work for years and years perhaps one day, I can reward myself with sitting back and only painting what I feel like. But, looking back on the past few years...that obviously isn't happening quick enough and neglecting that part of myself has made me so unhappy.

Little by little I hope to devote more time to more personal work...and this is the start so I am excited!

On another note. My faithful and hardworking printer has finally had enough...therefore my Etsy shop has once again been put on the back burner before I even got time to properly start it! I usually print everything myself but I need to either find a local printer or buy another which isn't a priority as such at the moment.