Tuesday, 3 June 2014

A Doodle a Day

During April and May I set myself the challenge to complete a 'doodle a day' for 30 days. I am the kindof person who ends up daydreaming all day if I don't set myself tasks and things to achieve and I had been feeling like I had got out of practice with keeping a daily sketchbook.
Some sketches were observations of the world around me, others were inspired by quotes, music and sparks of ideas. As I am writing this I am tempted to set myself another similar challenge as it was so beneficial (and fun!) to me as an artist!

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Happy May!

 Just a little update, although I am not sure where to start, as once I fail to update one project I have been working on, or a new idea or painting, I seem to fail to even try for a few months!
I realised this morning, you have to start somewhere! So, these invites feel very Spring like to me, and I have just completed them. They feel like the culmination of what I have learnt about producing Wedding Invites so far. I have tried to put into practice the knowledge I have gained, through trial and sometimes error! I love it when you can see, step by step the progress you are making!
These pretty designs are for a late summer, English-country-garden-by-the-sea Wedding! Wishing everyone a lovely May (My favourite month of the year!)