Wednesday, 11 May 2016

I have moved!

I now manage my blog over on my website:

Hope to see you there!

Monday, 18 May 2015


It is Monday and feels like a good time to reflect on the last few weeks of work and general goings on...

We seemed to slip back into cooler weather here in Cornwall, with the odd day here and there of beautiful sunshine.
I spent one wonderful day last week in the garden painting with my new easel. I have been meaning to buy one for ages, and I kept thinking I wouldn't use it enough to justify the space and cost...but I found one locally for such a bargain that I thought, why not, and it's already had such great use.

Since completing the 'doodle-a-day' project in April, and re-discovering the fun of painting on canvas I have sort-of run with that and started a series, sparked off by my first initial experiment which I felt captured something which my traditional use of delicate watercolour and quotations didn't...I suppose by being more spontaneous and expressive with colour and paint I was able to suggest a feeling more open to interpretation, rather than defining it with words.

The whole idea behind these paintings is that of illumination and that spark of creativity you have at the beginning of a project, that energy that you desperately want to hold onto before it slips away :)

I have added the first two paintings I completed to my display at the Lane Gallery in Truro, Cornwall..hope this silly picture illustrates the general size of the work...hehe :)

As well as painting, I have spent some time out and about exploring Cornwall, including my old favourite St. Ives, and a chilly day at Lanhydrock, a beautiful stately home near Bodmin. The bluebells were out and looking lovely!...

 Alex also kindly offered to drive us to Porthleven, to see a new Gallery/giftshop just opened which have taken stock of some of my prints and cards. Porthleven is very quaint, and despite it being a cold day we had a lovely time walking around the harbour and nosing in all the galleries and gift shops...heres a peak of my work in newly opened Slipway Studio...

Finally we had a big celebration for our friends Wedding at the weekend, over at Woodland Valley Farm near Ladock. It was wonderfully sunny and such a lovely day. I got involved the day before in helping to decorate the big barn, I love helping out with Wedding preparations, its such an exciting time!!

Looks like we are in for another Bank holiday weekend here in the UK, which for us doesn't mean days off as such, but I love when people are all out and about enjoying Cornwall :)

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

It feels like no time ago that I was updating this blog with my progress on last years 'doodle a day' challenge, and a year later, I have just completed the same project for April.

I must admit, I found it more of a challenge this year, now that I do not have a 'day job'. Which seems odd, as in theory I should have more spare time for these doodles. Yet, the pressure I put on myself to be productive daily, means that drawing a little scribble for the sake of it actually seemed frustrating at times, because I felt it was counter-productive. It wasn't of course, and the whole process has been valuable in the opposite way to last year.

The value in creating 'for the sake of it' for me was an important reminder that not every piece has to be perfect, and that even the work I feel is weaker, is not mine to judge that way. Some of the little drawings I made that I felt disappointed in proved to get lovely reactions from other people.

A big pile of doodles!


Most of these were inspired by day to day events, music I was listening to, and some quite random thoughts!
I also began experimenting again, with other processes which I haven't found the excuse to do in years. I spontaneously bought a batch of canvases and had some fun afternoons playing with paint and mark making, which sparked off new ideas.

You can find all the doodles I made on my Facebook and Instagram pages (links in sidebar)
Hope everyone is having a nice start to May :) x

Friday, 3 April 2015

Easter Wishes x

Greetings to all on this Good Friday!

My current view! You can't see it..but the rain is moving sideways :)

It's definately a day for computer work and for me this means being as comfy as why not work from bed!? My studio/Alex's retired man cave is a little chilly this morning so painting in there with no nice sunlight shining through isn't going to happen today.
When I think of Easter, I think of bright yellow daffodils and pastel colours...of sunshine and fresh air, so perhaps for people in Cornwall we may have to use our imaginations a little this weekend :)

I created this card a few weeks ago for Easter, or for a hopeful message at any time of year...

I adore birds nests and I am always on the look out for them...I remember finding lots and keeping them when I was younger, and using them to keep special treasures in :) This card is hand finished and available to buy over in my >>>>Etsy shop<<<<<
Last year I began a 'doodle-a-day' challenge in April and I have begun this challenge again, with the intent of creating a drawing everyday in April. I really would recommend it to artists as it's not only a good general daily practice but also wonderful for 'artists block'.

*I was just about to say that Alex and I don't celebrate Easter in a big way, but I have just been sent on a mini egg hunt around the house so I take it back :) I was given a cup to collect them in, but pretty much ate each one as I found it!
**To add to the fun, there are now two random ducks plodding around in the garden...we seem to have the most popular garden in the area....squirrels, badgers, foxes, owls, you name it, they have paid a visit!
Hope everyone has a lovely weekend x


Monday, 30 March 2015


Over the past few weeks I have had some time, without commissions to create some fun work on whatever I fancied painting. Having a gap in paid work sometimes overwhelms me and causes a block because...where to start? Of all the things to draw inspiration from and paint now that I have the time...I must create as much as possible! :)
Often after working to a more fixed brief I feel a bit drained of inspiration and to go straight to the drawing board after this is a recipe for panic! I need to refresh and 'refill the well'. After creating for a client, I often feel a bit stuck in a sort of more structured part of my brain that ignores my own personal preferences and tastes in order to get the job done. *I mean this is the nicest possible way...most of the people who request artwork from me have lovely just involves me staying on the chosen path!* :)

It is easy to over-look the fact that in order to create something, you need to first feel that rush of ideas that comes from being inspired, and that doesn't often happen for me whilst staring at a blank sheet of paper or trawling through pages online of what everyone else out there is pops up whilst I am on the train listening to music, out walking in the fresh air..whilst I am with friends and family....whilst I am actually LIVING!
Some of my favourite paintings were made between times...when I needed a release of expression and wanted to say something and they just 'happened' without much thought or planning!  

So here are some of the moments that inspired me to create some new work (which you can discover over on my facebook page or Etsy shop)
Thanks for stopping by :) x
Findings on a beautiful sunny walk...

Reading in the morning light...

Exploring antique shops in Lostwithiel..

Beautiful heather at The Eden Project..

Enchanting Caerhays Castle!

Watching the Eclipse from the cliff top...

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Victoria Erickson

Isn't it such a comfort to find a writer who can express those thoughts that you can't untangle in your own mind...

Sunday, 15 February 2015


I chose to leave my 'day job' before Christmas after saving up two months living costs and deciding I just couldn't face creeping into my 30's without at least pushing myself to try and succeed in what I have been trying to do since I learnt to 'colour in'.

I have always associated having a regular income with security, growing up with parents who ran their own business from home. The business failed after many years of bad decisions, bad luck and a bad economy.

I could not see the advantages of all the chaos and unknowns that seemed to surround the way our lives were and it made more sense to me to have a regular job and income since school.
This has meant I have kept artwork as a hobby, that pays now and then, for the past fifteen years.

I have very rarely questioned my value at work, and mainly felt incredibly lucky and flattered when people were happy to employ me.
What I began to realise, after the initial novelty of a new work place, new discounts, new responsibilties, is that however I would perform or push myself, there was always a limit on my income. I would still recieve the same paid amount every month, whether it was a hugely successful one or not. Now and then there would be bonuses and incentives in larger companies, but these didn't often reflect the effort required to obtain them... and I kept thinking... yes, I could move up the pay scale in a company.. but what if there was no limit on what I could make for myself?

I think no-matter how stressful and crazy growing up with self employed parents was, the need for freedom of choice finally crept up on me through the years and I felt more and more resistant to dragging myself out of bed to make someone elses dream happen when all I wanted was the freedom to stay up all night and paint if I felt like it, or to not have to schedule times where I could be creative.

When you look back in one perspective, you only see what you want to see.
Now I try to look at the amazing things my parents made happen with their business. I have fond memories of rollerskating around their huge workshop when they employed a team of people, frantically packing our bags for holidays to faraway places....driving all the way to Scotland in a campervan with no time restraint or plan..... and mum always being there, making endless cups of tea and popping to the bakery down the road for freshly baked bread :)

My thirty years on this lovely planet have taught me that trying always feels better than accepting your fate and moaning how its not fair. I am not a person motivated by money, but I am motivated by living a life rich in fun and freedom, so lets see what happens :)

I will finish with a painting I made after receiving my first set of watercolor paints for Christmas when I was eight :)