Monday, 30 March 2015


Over the past few weeks I have had some time, without commissions to create some fun work on whatever I fancied painting. Having a gap in paid work sometimes overwhelms me and causes a block because...where to start? Of all the things to draw inspiration from and paint now that I have the time...I must create as much as possible! :)
Often after working to a more fixed brief I feel a bit drained of inspiration and to go straight to the drawing board after this is a recipe for panic! I need to refresh and 'refill the well'. After creating for a client, I often feel a bit stuck in a sort of more structured part of my brain that ignores my own personal preferences and tastes in order to get the job done. *I mean this is the nicest possible way...most of the people who request artwork from me have lovely just involves me staying on the chosen path!* :)

It is easy to over-look the fact that in order to create something, you need to first feel that rush of ideas that comes from being inspired, and that doesn't often happen for me whilst staring at a blank sheet of paper or trawling through pages online of what everyone else out there is pops up whilst I am on the train listening to music, out walking in the fresh air..whilst I am with friends and family....whilst I am actually LIVING!
Some of my favourite paintings were made between times...when I needed a release of expression and wanted to say something and they just 'happened' without much thought or planning!  

So here are some of the moments that inspired me to create some new work (which you can discover over on my facebook page or Etsy shop)
Thanks for stopping by :) x
Findings on a beautiful sunny walk...

Reading in the morning light...

Exploring antique shops in Lostwithiel..

Beautiful heather at The Eden Project..

Enchanting Caerhays Castle!

Watching the Eclipse from the cliff top...