Wednesday, 6 May 2015

It feels like no time ago that I was updating this blog with my progress on last years 'doodle a day' challenge, and a year later, I have just completed the same project for April.

I must admit, I found it more of a challenge this year, now that I do not have a 'day job'. Which seems odd, as in theory I should have more spare time for these doodles. Yet, the pressure I put on myself to be productive daily, means that drawing a little scribble for the sake of it actually seemed frustrating at times, because I felt it was counter-productive. It wasn't of course, and the whole process has been valuable in the opposite way to last year.

The value in creating 'for the sake of it' for me was an important reminder that not every piece has to be perfect, and that even the work I feel is weaker, is not mine to judge that way. Some of the little drawings I made that I felt disappointed in proved to get lovely reactions from other people.

A big pile of doodles!


Most of these were inspired by day to day events, music I was listening to, and some quite random thoughts!
I also began experimenting again, with other processes which I haven't found the excuse to do in years. I spontaneously bought a batch of canvases and had some fun afternoons playing with paint and mark making, which sparked off new ideas.

You can find all the doodles I made on my Facebook and Instagram pages (links in sidebar)
Hope everyone is having a nice start to May :) x

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